Paula Krause

Work Text Inquiry

Paula Krause’s childhood is marked by a musical education in classical singing as well as numerous performances. Solo and choir performances form her social thinking and feeling. Painting and music are a warlike and impulsive game for her. She paints because it urges her to create. The creation of her works is the painterly and graphic interpretation of the tension between feeling and thinking. The anatomy of her figures is their state of mind in their tense relationship to the universal validity of the lived consensus. The social disenfranchisement in thinking and feeling is what the person questioning must form in his essence in order to evade deformation and equality. Shadowiness arises from the costuming of the individuals and is the subject of her current work. Each painting invents the next by itself. Eternal failure on the canvas is part of the confrontation and remains an inevitable part of artistic development and progress.

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