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The purpose of this cultural event is to bring attention to the historical situation in Iran. With this event, the international Iranian diaspora shows solidarity with the current movement in Iran and helps make the repressed voices within the country globally visible. It seeks to draw attention to the extraordinary and courageous women in Iran and join in supporting this unique feminist movement worldwide.

Beyond the event, it aims to create a platform to continue to address the issue of female empowerment and make underrepresented voices more visible.


For two months now the people of Iran have been on the street, impressing everyone with their courageous and untiring struggle. With this event we wish to highlight this phenomenon, warmly inviting you to our evening, entitled “Woman Life Freedom.” This cultural event engages the current movement for women’s—and human—rights in Iran and also reflects on our position here in Germany. This evening will include a conversation with prominent guests from culture, business, and politics, who will discuss the relevant elements of what is actually going on.

Together with Düzen Tekkal (Hawar Help), Gilda Sahebi (TAZ journalist), Bijan Djir-Sarai (General Secretary FDP), Behzad Karim Khani (author) and the host, Anahita Sadighi, we will highlight concrete possibilities for active support of the women’s movement.The panel talk will be moderated by Shila Behjat (Arte). Furthermore, there will be Iranian presentations of poetry, performance and music.

The event will be curated by gallerist Anahita Sadighi. She will also be presenting her installation, entitled, like the evening, “Woman Life Freedom.” The artwork consists of a large number of rare Persian amphoras from the 16th-19th centuries, which symbolize the revolutionary movement in Iran. Standing opposite them are large antique butter churns, arranged in a crescent moon—a metaphor for the regime of the Islamic Republic.


Dieter Detzner
11 Sep – 22 Oct 2022


Daniel Butcher
24 Apr – 11 Jun 2022


Wenxin Zheng
05 Mar – 16 Apr 2022

Die Nomadinnen Persiens
A contemporary multimedia art exhibition
04 Dec 2021 – 26 Feb 2022


Amalia Valdés
08 Sep – 23 Oct 2021

konkret abstrakt

Anni Albers, Bärbel Dornier, Carla Guagliardi, Birgit Hölmer, Rebecca Michaelis, Maria Muñoz, Fiene Scharp, Amalia Valdés; Kurator: Rüdiger Lange
12 Jun – 31 Jul 2021

Mémoire Temporelle

Kalpesh Lathigra
29 Apr – 06 Juni 2021

Fake It Till We Make It

Stella Meris
2 Feb – 16 März 2021

Karneval in Hangzhou

Hamid S. Neiriz
7 Nov 2020 – 9 Jan 2021

A Room of Her Own 2

Atusa Jafari, Stella Meris, Rubica von Streng, Amalia Valdes
8 Sep – 17 Okt 2020

Malerei Skulptural II

Michaela Holzheimer, Paula Krause
9 Juli – 3 Aug 2020

I Am Who I Am Who Am I

Yumna Al-Arashi
7 März – 19 März 2020


Wenxin Zheng
25 Jan – 03 März 2020


Ulrich Reimkasten
16 Nov 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

A Room Of Her Own

Franziska Beilfuß, Julia Eichler, Alexandra Ellerbrock, Paula Krause, Stella Meris, Clara Thorbecke
7 Sep – 2 Nov 2019

Sail As Wing

Ouhi Cha
22 Juni – 23 Juli 2019

Abstraction Villes Et Visages

Daniel Butcher
27 Apr – 15 Juni 2019


Hamid S. Neiriz
15 März – 25 Apr 2019

In Action

Daniel Butcher, Ouhi Cha, Simon L. Dollinger, Karin Hawkes, Hamid S. Neiriz
26 Jan – 19 März 2019

Malerei Skulptural

Michaela Holzheimer
19 Okt – 4 Dez 2018


Wenxin Zheng
25 Aug – 9 Okt 2018

Spirit Colour Section

Ulrich Reimkasten
30 Juni – 25 Aug 2018

Gallery Opening

27 Apr 2018

Altpersien und Abstraktion

2 Feb – 14 Apr 2018

Ursprung und Moderne

Hamid S. Neiriz
11 Nov 2017 – 4 Jan 2018

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