Wenxin Zheng

Between what we see and what we think we see, there seems to be a thin veil barring the two. Wen Xin Zheng's paintings argue this exact notion. The relationship between „interior“ and „exterior“ prevails in her works. Her paintings can be characterized by the permeability of materials, the unique quality of gauze which is transformed and applied as a transparent medium; as paint reveals the thin texture and lays the basis of the coexistence of the many spatial layers upon the same image. The second quality of her work leans towards two-dimensionality, featuring light and bright colours. Finally, space and time are always heterogeneous – possibly as a result of confrontation – as the „interior“ and „exterior “ contradiction escalates over the course of creative practice and development.

The conception of her 'New Media' series started a few years ago when communication apps became very popular in China. The artist began to transcribe pictures posted by her friends from her social media platforms onto canvases. The subjects covered are mundane and the sharing of selfies, food, travel and news has become a collective signature. Zheng paints the exact number of photos and in the order of her friend’s posts; furthermore she uses strong and emotional colours to lay out the figures while eliminating only the mid-tones and volume, maintaining the familiar brightness and two-dimensionality of the medium.

When Wen Xin Zheng allows the internet, mobile devices and other characteristics of new media to determine the process of painting, it is a venture into seeking whether existing media could be further provoked and presents us with new creative possibilities. Her paintings move between memories, imagination and reality. The viewer sees the world as re-envisioned by the artist, but we only see the relationship between the transformed exterior and the intimate space. Situated within our own physical reality, we rely on our own vision to confront the obscure and reserved painting. 

  Yang Zi: ''New Medium“ A Reconfigured Embodiment – Zheng Wenxin’s Creative Work', in: Pieces of Moments, Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition, Exhibition Catalogue A+ Contemporary Shanghai, 2017,  pp. 9-10