Stella Meris‘ large-format paintings document the experience of meditation and movement. She uses strong neon colours and various materials like acrylic, egg tempera, oil pastels, edding, marker and spray to capture a bodily spatiality. She often lays down on the paper and playfully outlines her own silhouette. These shapes resemble the marking of fatal victims. Through the painting process, the anonymous person resurrects and begins to tell a story.

Stella Meris chooses elements like eyes, other body parts, teardrops, stairways and architectural forms on top of each other. A sacred space comes into existence. The figure is embedded in it and its inner world bonds with the outside.

The involvement with body and space comes from her interest in spiritual phenomenons. While looking for a non-dogmatic approach Stella Meris discovered her corporal sensibility. Meditative practices, consciousness-expanding movements and the focus on her own body perception accompanied the painting process and opened up new spaces. The big format is essential for transforming this experience into painting. The life-sized figures become a real counterpart for the viewer. The strong colours witness their liveliness.

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