Michaela Holzheimer

Work Text Inquiry

Michaela Holzheimer is a German artist born in 1946. Between 1966 and 1970, she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. During the 1970s, she studied at the Freie University in Berlin with Otto von Simson. Her work comprises of photography, paintings and drawings all depicted with spontaneity and fluidity.

Michaela Holzheimer’s approach of art illustrates the employment of mixed media, in painting, collage and the various uses of paper. The very particular selection of it brings the Berlin artist to her close look on materiality: ranging from oil, lacquer, graphite, charcoal and drawing. While first creating parts of the images on paper, they later get assembled on a second, thicker, handmade work. Her paintings function by their second glance. Those splashes of paint, shapes and forms slowly start to emerge from the spontaneous composition. Small indications in form of particular, representative contours, like roofs or arrangement of configurations, give clue to the possible subject of her images. Other indicators are her use of colour, also giving different access to the painting. Her various study trips to England, France, Spain, Italy and New York influenced her work and stylistic approach on art and her tumultuous ambulatory with the surfaces.

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