Dieter Detzner

Work Text Exhibition Inquiry

Dieter Detzner’s works concern themselves with the appropriation and perception of spatial relationships that he had previously implemented in sculptural objects, installations and above all, in his reliefs. His works are often interlocked with one another in terms of content and space.

Detzner actively involves the viewer in the complexly arranged work of art directly by allowing him to enter the space of art he has created on two different levels. In doing so he intentionally blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, since the cube is both a part of the overall artistic arrangement in the exhibition booth – and thus an object presented inside it – as well as an exhibition space that contains pictures hanging on its walls at the same time. Detzner produces tension by placing corporeal space in a complex relationship with the incorporeal (the pictures), whose conceptual center contains plastic forms (the reliefs) that are attached to the surface.

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